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MyEclipse Best Java IDE Value According to Evans Data Study
Rational Tops Price Chart with $4240 tag, MyEclipse Offers Tool Suite at $60

Genuitec is pleased to recognize its recent showing in the annual Evans Data “User's Choice IDEs” survey. MyEclipse was recognized as one of the world's top eight IDEs, along with CodeGear's Delphi, Sun's NetBeans, Sun Studio, Oracle's JDeveloper, Microsoft's Visual Studio, Adobe's Creative Suite and IBM Rational Tools. Of note, the top IDEs list included only four Java IDEs.

The study evaluated multiple aspects of each IDE, including technical specifications and overall usability statistics to provide an umbrella value of user satisfaction. MyEclipse conquered its Java competitors in the categories of third-party tool integration, the availability of third-party tools and was rated as the best Eclipse-based editor tools among the IDEs surveyed, beating out even IBM Rational tools in all three categories.

“In today's tools economy, the ability for developers to quickly and easily move between solutions and add capabilities based on the task at hand is invaluable,” said Todd Williams, vice president of technology for Genuitec. “We've demonstrated that high-priced solutions that lock you in to a corporate tool stack are meeting resistance in the marketplace, and we're proud to be integral in that trend.”

Overall, the separation between the top Java IDEs was a mere 9 percent in overall user satisfaction, with IBM Rational in the top spot. However, the discrepancy in pricing and value for the dollar was a much broader gap, with IBM topping off at over $4,200 per seat, and MyEclipse offering a competitive tool suite at $60 – a gap of more than 70 times the price.

“Java shops today are looking at a fairly level marketplace when it comes to features and functionality,” said Maher Masri, CEO of Genuitec. “The discussion now is based on value both in price and tool flexibility. With some solutions at 70 times the price of MyEclipse, the value proposition is abundantly clear. MyEclipse is therefore proud to be recognized as a top IDE in the industry, with unmatched ability for developers to find, integrate and maintain all of their favorite tools without the vendor lock-in or high price of competitive solutions.”

MyEclipse has been in the IDE marketplace for over five years, and it now stands toe-to-toe with other IDE players who have been in the tools business for over 20 years. Genuitec would like to thank customers who have made MyEclipse a quick-rising and stable phenomenon in the tools market. Our commitment to customers remains to deliver the highest-quality tooling at the greatest possible value.

For more information on Genuitec and MyEclipse contact Allison Roberts, at Genuitec.

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Rational App Developer actually was the top choice in this user sat survey. Readers can download the entire report free at

For some reason, you forgot to mention that Oracle JDeveloper came second in this study and it doesn't cost anyting - FREE - so I guess it is actually the "Best Java IDE Value"

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