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ZOOZ launches its new platform: PaymentsOS

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ZOOZ announces the official launch of PaymentsOS, it's new Open-Payments-Platform-as-a-service.

ZOOZ is excited to announce the official launch of its new payments platform, a robust online payments platform providing a cloud-based globally distributed infrastructure for businesses to easily connect and manage multiple payment service providers through one platform. During the past 18 months ZOOZ re-created and built the new generation of global payment platforms, PaymentsOS, catering to payment teams by supporting the scale, volumes and complexity of today's largest e-commerce players.

"Most of the existing payments infrastructure were built decades ago and lack flexibility and scalability," says Oren Levy, founder and CEO of ZOOZ. "Furthermore, most of them were not built to handle the exponential growth and complexity of the current global e-commerce arena. Complexity created primarily by an overwhelming amount of payment methods and channels, working with vastly different technologies, requiring difficult integrations. Merchants face additional complexity aggregating all payments data from each provider resulting in a lack of insights and analytics," says Oren.

With PaymentsOS, merchants and payment teams are now able to control and manage all their payments through a unified platform:

  • Monitor all your payment activity in a single unified dashboard
  • Analyze all your payment behavior via flexible reports and analytics tools
  • Optimize your payment flows using a real-time self-serve decision engine
  • Make the right decisions based on comparative benchmarks and machine learning driven insights

The new cloud architecture is designed as a distributed system that is more than capable of handling today's global merchants super-high peak volumes (over 4000 transactions per second).

PaymentsOS went live a few months ago and has already processed many millions of transactions with leading global merchants and Payment Service Providers. PaymentsOS agnostic technology is a giant step towards the future of online payments. "Merchants will have full control of their payments operation with better analytics, insights and routing capabilities," adds Oren, "This open platform gives merchants the payments flexibility needed to succeed today."

The company is planning to expand its workforce to support the growing demand PaymentsOS is generating among leading merchants, global banks and PSP's alike.

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Mor Pecht


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