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Cloud Computing Part of Europe's Digital Agenda
ENISA Report Identifies Cloud as One of Five Priorities

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!As Cloud Expo in Prague June 21-22 approaches, a new report from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has identified Cloud Computing as one of five priorities.

"Five areas have been assessed as presenting the biggest need for research within a window of three to five years," according to the report. In addition to Cloud Computing, which tops the list, the areas include real-time detection and diagnosis systems, future wireless networks, sensor networks, and supply-chain integrity.

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The report's authors write as follows:

"The past decade has seen a revolution in the way we communicate. An increasing number of services are going - or are being created - online, along with vast quantities of rich, multimedia content. The Digital Society that derived from this revolution is accompanied by a change in expectations.

"All participants - consumers, service providers, government - will expect the underlying communications infrastructure to support the demands the Digital Society will place on it. They will expect services to provide the required functionality, to be available at all times and in all places and to process and store data securely.

"Moreover, the service and infrastructure components will need to actively cooperate to provide the most reliable environment where services become increasingly complex, interdependent and mashed-up. It is the subject of availability that concerns us here - research into the technologies that improve the resilience of data networks and, therefore, the availability of online services.

"In March 2010 the European Commission launched the EU2020 strategy and, within its frame, a flagship initiative entitled, "A Digital Agenda for Europe." This is the continuation of earlier Lisbon Strategy and its i2010 initiative, which highlighted the importance of network and information security for the creation of a single European information space.

"ENISA's activities recently focused on, among other matters, the suitability of backbone Internet technologies regarding the integrity and stability of networks as currently deployed. As a further step in this direction, in 2009 the Agency proceeded with an assessment of the impact of new technologies on the security and resilience of network resources, and the identification of research priorities in the areas of networking resilience and in network and information security, basing on its Multiannual Thematic Programme (MTP1).

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