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Symbian Coughs up Major Platform Updates
The Symbian Foundation disclosed specifics on its newly released and completely open

More details have emerged on the recently made 100% open-source Symbian^3 platform. In a blatant attempt to come up to speed with other cutting edge smartphones, it has been packed with some advanced features and functionality.

New features include HDMI support, which enables users to plug their phone into a TV and watch a high-definition movie at 1080p quality without a Blu-ray player. Music store integration embedded within the radio lets users to identify a song and learn more about it. A "buy now" button, which links with the user's chosen music store, makes purchasing easy. The platform now has a new 2D and 3D graphics architecture that is faster and has a more responsive user interface that now provides a platform for high performance games .The networking architecture, ready for 4G networks, can seamlessly balance each individual application's needs regarding factors such as bandwidth, latency and jitter.

The new version bears several user friendly settings such as a simple one-click connectivity for all internet applications and a "single tap" interaction model making it much easier to complete common tasks on a device. The homescreen now can hold multiple pages of widgets .The enhanced widget manager supports multiple instances of a native widget so that consumers can monitor multiple weather forecasts, news feeds, social networking accounts or multiple e-mail accounts simultaneously through a common interface.Symbian's previously cumbersome developer process also gets a facelift .The Qt toolkit is pre-integrated into all kits and the runtime in S^3 will run on existing devices back to S60 3.1.

The Foundation also announced that it is joining the Open Screen Project, an Industry initiative launched by Adobe that is working to develop cross platform and cross device Flash applications .Future versions of the Symbian platform will incorporate all the technology advances made by the project in enabling seamless Flash based web content.

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