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Share Advertising Revenue With Your Mobile Phone
MoadCast brings the consumer and the advertiser closer together in a more meaningful, cost-effective and targeted manner

MoadCast brings the consumer and the advertiser closer together in a more meaningful, cost-effective and targeted manner with a revolutionary permission based mobile phone community.

MoadCast offers its members a guaranteed revenue share of the advertising revenue generated through MoadCast's mobile phone advertising platform. Members join for free and have the ability to earn up to GBP45 per month.

Members receive advertising messages to their mobile phone based on their lifestyle, interests and hobbies to offer advertisers large and small the opportunity to send targeted marketing messages based on selected demographic profiles via the MoadCast online advertising platform.

Founded by Darren Briggs, Internet entrepreneur who previously launched in 2004, which was awarded Best Business Start Up using Technology by the Technology Wales Awards in 2004, which he subsequently sold to the Retail Motor Industry Federation in 2007.

"Advancements in mobile phone technology coupled with consumer dependency on these devices offer the advertising industry a new realm of opportunities. The mobile phone is rapidly becoming the "first screen" for advertisers and marketers to communicate and engage with the Consumer," commented Darren Briggs, Managing Director of MoadCast.

He added, "MoadCast's advertising platform will allow local and national companies to target consumers with marketing messages to drive sales and increase customer engagement. Our recession-proof advertising starts from as little as GBP25 per campaign. Unlike other social networks our members receive a guaranteed share of the advertising revenue. Our proposition could ultimately pave the way for other social media networks, including the likes of Facebook to offer a revenue share back to its users."

MoadCast members receive a guaranteed rebate for every marketing message they receive with the ability to earn up to GBP15 per month. In addition, if 10 recommended friends or family members join then an additional rebate is then added to the original MoadCast account. Thus, giving the registered member the ability to earn up to GBP45 per month. Cash amounts in batches of GBP10 are then credited direct to the registered members mobile phone account (monthly contract or pay as you go).

There are over 75 million mobile phones currently in use in the UK with a population of just over 62 million. Mobile advertising spend in the UK reached GBP28.6 million in 2008, growing by more than 99 percent year on year, according to the IAB's first Mobile Advertising Expenditure Study.

About Carmen Gonzalez
Carmen Gonzalez is the co-founder, president, and CEO of SYS-CON Media, Cloud Expo, Inc. and Ulitzer, Inc.

Carmen has been in charge of SYS-CON's sales and marketing functions since 1994. Under her leadership, the company was named by Inc 500, among the fastest growing 500 privately held companies in North America three years in a row.

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